Look What Washed Up

Well the conference is over, and the Rising Tide Blog begins its roll. (Hey Po' Blog, want to join the party? You seemed into the idea.)

Being a gathering of bloggers we even have some lovely detailed notes and quotes provided by both Maitri (the loud indian girl) and Scout Prime (one of our favorite adopted NOLABloggers). So as of this evening here are links to the posts made about the first Rising Tide:

Maitri - Liveblogging and retrospective presented with her legendary attention to detail. If you want the rundown on what you missed look here:
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5- Part 6 - Part 7

Scout Prime - Liveblogging. More detailed observations from a knowledgeable out-of-town perspective.

Adrastos w/ video by Scout Prime - Let the Landrieu Bashing Begin! After you, Peggy...

Da Po' Blog - calls for a Rising Tide Blog

Dangerblond - Wilson/Landrieu, this blond has the dirt. A must read for after watching Scout's Video

Oyster - Rising to the occasion

Mominem - Rising Tide Report

ThinkNOLA- Outcomes, new volunteers

GBitch- Lakeview Moment (read comments as well)


  1. Awesome to discover this blog. I'll post about it as soon as I get a chance. Anything to spread the word about what this admirable and intrepid group is doing. I just am amazed at the disconnect by what I see in mainstream papers versus in blogs by folks in the New Orleans area.

    So thanks to you all for your efforts to make positive changes in the community there.