Radio Days - Or Minutes

God bless Varg.

He got Sheckrastos and I to do a radio talk show - Eric Asher's over at WIST 690 AM - at about 1:30 in the afternoon today to chat up Rising Tide. I've called in to radio shows before, but have never been in a sound booth with a fuzzy mic in my face. You can listen to the aftermath of our time on the air here, beginning about 22 minutes in.

First off, Eric is a sweetheart for having us blogheads on his show, and he's pretty savvy about what's being put out there by the NOLA blogpocheh. He mentioned Bayou St John David's The Nagin Files as a particular fount of information that he draws upon regularly, and he was an all-around great host.

On listening to the podcast, though, I've noticed a few things:

-I sound like my mom. I'm also laughing so much, people might think that my corner of the booth was full of nitrous oxide. Sorry 'bout the giggles, guys.

-Somebody in this town better hire Varg full time, dammit, and pay him well. We forgot to fully recognize him as the webmaestro of the RT site. At least I pointed out the stirring gothic beauty that is The Chicory over the airwaves. And if not a single one of these awesome flyers of his makes its way to the people's penthouse on Friday night, something ain't right with the world.

-Adrastos needs his very own talk show. His personality cannot be contained in an Ed McMahon-ish role opposite Eric Asher's Johnny Carson. Somebody, get the man a sound booth and some airtime so's he can reveal the mysteries of those who are Naked On Roller Skates.

-Eric brought up Ashley Morris, and in our race for superlatives to best describe Harry Shearer's favorite mime, we forgot to mention the first-ever Ashley Morris awards, which will be presented at the Zeitgeist on Saturday near the end of the day.

When all is said and done, if nobody else registers for RT III after this, then I'll have to whip out some Jewish mother-style guilt on y'all.

"It's all right. I'll just sit here by the glow of my laptop, blogging away for you. And only for you."

Problem is, that sounds too much like a come-on. Just register already!

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