Tell Us What You Thought 2, or We Can Haz Feedback?

I liveblogged like crazy from my perch over at the registration table, which, to my mind, is the best seat in the house at Rising Tide, but, then again, I'm biased, having worked said table with the super-capable Sophmom for the past three years. We were pleased this year to welcome the volunteer assistance of the just-as-super-capable Val McG and hope we haven't scared her off from the task. She seemed to hang in there just fine without panicking each time the wifi dropped us or registrants started to get a tad loud just outside the conference room door. She is a steely-eyed on-point lady and we were happy to have her.

Of course, with all the drama going on at the table by the entrance, my liveblogging wasn't as on point as it could have been...

...which is why I must also give props to our social media go-to guy and Tweeter Tube wrangler Loki for posting the RT V Twitter feed, which is still giving us some feedback from attendees and participants. It also filled in some mighty holes in my liveblogging from all y'all, so don't hesitate to scroll down at the link and read up.

Other bits of feedback were compiled at Sophmom's recap post on Rising Tide, but I'll re-list and list some more of those here:

Greg Peters' liveblogging is here, here, here, and here. Of the many money quotes from him is this one concerning a realization of his during the environmental panel:
I am reminded of one of the key differences between liberals and conservatives, Repubs and Dems — RIghties think that the right answer to anything is clear and easy, based on belief. Libs see complexity and are often immobilized by it. Trying to convince faith-based believers about something complex and far-reaching and hidden is oddly harder than convincing them that a ghost in the sky wants them to vote a certain way.
Other liveblogging comes from Dakinikat at The Confluence and from Machelle of Watching Treme, whose liveblog was also cross-posted at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's website.

Impressions from Cyganka are here.
Veracity Stew's look at Tim Ruppert's "Dam Safety" talk is here.
Alex Rawls' impressions are up on the OffBeat magazine's blog.
Mark LaFlaur of Levees Not War was an intrepid assistant to Rising Tide's efforts, as he has been from back in some of its earliest days. His liveblogging is here.
UPDATE: I missed a whole lot of liveblogging excellence from Robin Kemp. Her posts on RT are here, here, here, here, and here. It is like she was there...and she was.
Also, a post from James Reeves of Big American Night on Rising Tide.

Believe me, I know I'm missing some recaps. Fill me in in the comments below, complete with links, please, and add your feedback as an attendee to Varg's post.

Next year in New Orleans, y'all.

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