Rising Tide 8 Keynote: Deborah Cotton

Rising Tide will be rolling out information on the conference program all week, but we'd like to start things off by announcing that Deb Cotton, a powerful voice and advocate for New Orleans culture, will give the keynote address at Rising Tide 8.

For years, Ms. Cotton has reported on brass bands, New Orleans music, and second lines for a number of local media organizations, including Notes on New Orleans published on NOLA.com and the Gambit's Blog of New Orleans. Her voice and perspective serve as an authority on subjects that are associated with the beating heart of New Orleans, but are too often taken for granted or mischaracterized. She spoke at Rising Tide 6 on the Brass Bands panel (video below), and we're excited to announce that she has joined the lineup as our keynote at Rising Tide 8.

As noted by Kevin Allman earlier today on Gambit's Blog of New Orleans, Ms. Cotton began publishing on her own website New Orleans Good Good shortly before being critically injured at the Mother's Day second line. As Rising Tide organizer Leigh C. noted on Humid City, "I couldn’t help but think that one of the greatest tributes to her toils was Ronal Serpas making the point that the second line was not to blame for the shootings – and most everyone agreeing with that assessment."

Rising Tide is honored to have her speak to the conference once again.

Registration for Rising Tide 8 is open now.

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