Get That Registration In While The $20 Fee Is Hot

Just what the title says, everybody.

Our registration fee goes up another five dollars starting tomorrow.

We know you're gonna love the program we have pulled together for you. Harry Shearer is coming, and if you're not wild about him, I don't know what will get you going.

But hey, if those reasons aren't enough, think of what can be done with an extra fiver in your pocket:
  • the ability to donate a little extra towards making the conference happen and thus putting a little swagger in your step, knowing that your funds have helped make Rising Tide a reality
  • the ability to purchase more swag such as our posters, t-shirts, and koozies
  • putting those funds towards purchasing a copy of Ethan Brown's new book, among many other New Orleans-related books that will be available for sale at the conference
  • buying a beer for that attractive other you met while picking up your badge at the Friday meet & greet
  • hey, it's good for a round trip on the streetcar
And hey, if those still aren't good enough reasons for you to get the registration over with now, perhaps I'll have to put some Jewish mother guilt over on you.

It's alll right. I'll be sitting here by my computer, counting those minutes as they tick away and you haven't written, called, or registered. Oh, it's not about me, I know that. It's about whatever excuses you can conjure up that I will outwardly accept, but will be writhing inwardly at your callousness. I know how this works.

There's more where that came from, so just register, okay?