The Speaker Speaks

Gambit Senior Hyphenated Writer David Winkler-Schmit has just posted a quickie interview with this year's Rising Tide keynote speaker Harry Shearer on the tabloid's Blog of New Orleans site. Shearer offers the following preview of his scheduled address.

Any preview of what you’re going to address during your speech?

“No because I don’t know yet.”

Mr. Shearer will undoubtedly fit right in with this crowd!


  1. I find this comforting, in the midst of frantic preparation to figure out what I'm going to say about Net2NO (and how I'm going to avoid passing out thirty seconds into my talk from sheer terror of speaking in front of a group). I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that it makes me feel better that the keynote speaker is at least as unprepared as I am (although he has an advantage in terms of experience...)

    However, in light of your comment that "Mr. Shearer will undoubtedly fit right in with this crowd!", I'm going to go with "good thing" and hope that my total lack of something to say will be met with more amusement than derision.

    Thank you so much for inviting Net2NO to Rising Tide this year! It's an honor, and I apologize in advance should I embarass us all and bring shame upon the Net2NO community by standing up and staring at the audience for 2 1/2, maybe 3 minutes before regaining my senses and fleeing the room in panic.

    I know! I'll just show a video. That's not a cop-out, is it? Of course not. :)

    Thanks again! Looking forward (with slightly more excitement than fear, I think) to this weekend! Y'all rock!

  2. Relax, Jessica. It's going to be great time. Anything you think you may say poorly in front of the crowd will almost certainly be overshadowed by the Sports moderator's frequent stammering and "brain farts"

  3. See, this is why there should always be an open bar!

  4. "I'm going to go with "good thing" and hope that my total lack of something to say will be met with more amusement than derision."

    Then why not prepare something to say? You've obligated yourself to address an audience, and you owe them that.

  5. @Kevin absolutely. I'm working hard on a presentation. Most of my previous comment was facetious; it's an honor to be given the opportunity to address this group, and I'm doing my best to plan an awesome presentation for tomorrow. To do otherwise would be unacceptable.

    @jeffrey thanks for your support, and @Styborski you're absolutely right. There should always be an open bar. Everywhere. :)

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