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Introductions of Clancy Dubos, John Slade, Lamar White, Jr., and Ethan Brown.

Talk about the Jeffersons, Mose and Dollar Bill.

Clancy: "conviction of Mose was in some ways more important than the conviction of Bill." Mose was the muscle, Bill the brains.

John Slade: "not the worst thing that has happened to us by far". Disturbed by nola.com commenters and callers to his show on WBOK who are rejoicing to the point of exclusion of the crooked pol in Mandeville. "You can't cherry-pick black people."

Lamar White: tragedy to the Jefferson family. And it's sad how Democrats statewide didn't step in when all this was happening, how passive they were.

Slade: "LSU will be insufferable. 'We're better than Harvard, we're better than Harvard.' " (Bill's alma mater)

Brown: Hopefully, the convictions will get people running for office to work for the common good.

Clancy fills us in on some speculation of what will happen with Renee Gill-Pratt, another Jefferson crony.

The mayoral election: will we elect someone completely unlike Nagin and follow a trend from past mayoral elections?

Clancy: "mayor's race like a football season, we won't get really engaged until about the eighth game. There's several people we are against, but nobody we are really for."

Slade: "Anybody that says we need to run City Hall like a business, don't listen to them, go the other way." Nobody ever confabs with folks such as the mom and pop stores, with people like Leah Chase. "I'm scared to be excited, 'cause I was excited for Nagin" and look how that turned out. "Nobody has the killer instinct." WE will have to ask the ugly questions, since the candidates aren't going after each other.

White: Get someone who will restore integrity to the office. prefers Carl Weathers as a candidate at this point.

Brown: Baffled by the mayor's race - mayor with lower ratings than Dick Cheney, loads of issues to run on - but where is the political instinct. Mixed feelings about Cannizzarro, but what he said recently about the justice system here and how critical he was about it was spot on.

Slade: "You like what Cannizzarro said? I guess somebody has to."

Moves on to Charity Hospital...

Are Jindal's presidential ambitions good, bad or will have no affect on the state of Louisiana?

Clancy: They're bad, very bad. What is good for the country is almost diametrically opposed to what is good for Louisiana.

Slade: Had Blanco run again, he would have voted for Jindal right off - can't forgive Blanco for what happened during the storm and the flood. Jindal will probably be reelected however, because North Louisiana hates New Orleans. To Obama: bypass Baton Rouge with recovery funds and give it directly to New Orleans.

White: Blanco against Jindal - "would have voted again for her a thousand times over". Recounts Jindal's checkered political past and his ineffective leadership.

Slade: The women went for her, but Blanco did not do them any favors in terms of jobs.

Brown: "All about working against your interests." Jindal's higher aspirations, as well as Palin's, have borne that out.

Slade: "None of us work at a chicken factory, so we are really screwed."

Adrastos on Vitter: "The Keith Richards of Louisiana politics"

Clancy: Vitter is the Alien in "Alien": he will do anything to survive in politics.

Slade: "I'm voting for Stormy Daniels." As long as those pols are gonna toe the conservative line, they will be forgiven by their party faithful.

White: Stormy Daniels' campaign shows the state's Dem party is not organized enough to take the Vitter seat seriously. There are Democratic mayors in many small towns across Louisiana that could benefit from a more organized party.

Brown: Vitter is a true political animal, who will keep "banging away" at the things he espouses, and we haven't found a way to counter that.

Adrastos: Joe Cao: "might" support the president, but then he votes the other way. But is Cao an endangered species or a hardy survivor?

Slade: Had Cao on his show: went from having a shy voice to parroting talking points. Abortion is beside the point, people have to have health care. "He chose to be a freaky-deaky Republican in an oddball district - a one-term wonder."

White: Election had to be delayed, Cao was a fluke in the election, Will definitely be an engangered species.

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