Friday Night Flicks, August 24, 2007

New Orleans on Video artists:
  • Brent Joseph
  • Ride Hamilton
  • Ben Mor
  • Bart Everson
  • Charlie London
  • Emmitt Thrower
  • Diane Cameron

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed meeting y'all last night at the party. Definitely already got my 20 bucks worth just watching the video. Thanks for welcoming me home and especially the way some of you were making introductions, so graciously facilitating the mix. I'm having trouble making it all the way out to the yacht club, since taking the train here, no car and all---BUT I am with you on the blog and hope to still make it out there today. Still, seeing the show through the blog is kinda part of "the thing" for me too.
    Keep swinging the good fist.
    love & t'anks
    Bruce Biles