Timothy Ruppert - In Levees We Trust

But should we? The New York Times has an article today about the inadequacies of our levee protection system. Questions remain about where all the money has been going. At Rising Tide 2, on Saturday, August 25, Timothy Ruppert will present a comprehensive report on the level of hurricane protection currently existing in New Orleans.

Tim will lead a discussion of the components of the hurricane protection system, where we are now and what it will mean once we have the "100-year" level of protection. It will include a comparisson of what other industrialized nations do, and how levees compare to rivers or dams when it comes to safety. Tim is the current president of the American Society of Civil Engineers Louisiana Section. He will be speaking as a civil engineer and a local representative of ASCE.

Tim is also a NOLA blogger (Tim's Nameless Blog), and a resident of Gentilly. His family's home was flooded by the London Canal breach, with the dried-out remains later burning up in a fire. He and his sainted wife are rebuilding their home, but this time it's raised on pilings.

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