How Ya Like Dem Erstahs?

Here are some of the folks appearing at Rising Tide 2, on our politics panel. Get your questions ready, get there early, and get your coffee with chicory.

Mark Moseley grew up in Florida, went to college in Texas, and has proudly called New Orleans home for over a decade. He met his wife in the city, and they now reside in Uptown with their two daughters. Mark is a founding member of Trinity Capital, a local firm that invests directly in the metro area. Mark's hobbies include poker and political campaigns. He's an advocate for New Orleans and Louisiana at Your Right Hand Thief.

Peter Athas is the author of the Adrastos blog where he writes about New Orleans, politics and music, and makes fun of all and sundry. He is a recovering lawyer who now owns and operates a small business in the French Quarter. He lives Uptown with his beautiful and accomplished wife Grace and their beautiful and neurotic cat, Oscar.

Michael Duplantier is a New Orleans native and a practicing attorney. He has long been involved in politics, starting with the mayoral and senatorial campaigns of his cousin, Adrian Duplantier, in the 1960s and early 1970s. For more than 35 years, his experience on zoning issues and his work with many neighborhood and civic organizations has given him direct exposure to and involvement with the politics and politicians of this city. He ran unsuccessfully for District B city councilman in 2005. Michael is a regular commentator on political and public policy issues.

Kim Marshall is moderating the panel. She's a grandma and a left-wing NOLA blogger who is completely immune to the "charm" of the rogues who populate the Louisiana political class. She is alternately ridiculed and praised for going to law school in her 40s, and she makes beaded bustiers and costumes at Mardi Gras time.

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