photo of RT II conference room courtesy of Maitri's blog
(go give her a cyber pat on her virtual back, y'all. She worked her tail off for RT)
spray painting on blue window shading tarp inspired by AshMo
(He worked something else off (heh), but it was ultimately good for RT)

My head is spinning, y'all. Must...digest...blogger....conference.......
This fellow's doing a waaay better job of it than I am at the moment...

Take in some Sophmom impressions of the whole conference experience, while you're at it.

And I must give a big, huge thanks to keynoter Dave Zirin, who gave one heck of a talk and seemed to get a big kick out of the NOLA blogger krewe. Safe trip back, Dave. All the best to your mom'n'em...uhhh, your family and friends, not this mominem...


  1. hello from the US left coast

    some of us bloggers from the Laura Flanders and Sam Seder Air America Radio show blogs,


    were checking out some of the bloggies connected to:

    Blog activism in New Orleans at: http://www.risingtidenola.com/

    Maitri’s VatulBlog

    From Kuwait To Katrina And Beyond

    was one of them with some interesting writing and links.

    the "17 Poets! open mic" sounded like it would be good to check out at the Gold Mine Saloon,
    Thursday evenings starting at 8:00 PM.

    701 Dauphine St., Corner of Dauphine and St. Peter

    we enjoyed finding out what y'all were up to and visiting some of your links.

    come on by sometime and visit!

  2. Glad you found us! I hope sometime we'll get to meet you in person.