Rising Tide Conference Writer's Panel

Joshua Clark (Heart Like Water and French Quarter Fiction), Dave Brinks (17 Poets and The Caveat Onus Books 1, 2 and 3), Valentine Pierce (Geometry of the Heart) and Sam Jasper (contributor to Louisiana in Words) will all be on the Writer's Panel which will be facilitated by the one and only Greg Peters, Grand Poobah of Graphics and the creator of Suspect Device. The topic will be generally "How Katrina has Changed the Way We Write."

All have been encouraged to arrive by lunchtime, but some, like Josh Clark have obligations in the morning prior to the panel. All will have their books for sale, and will hang around to sign them for you.

There will be no credit card availability, so please make sure you bring your cash!

Books, t-shirts, koozies and posters will be available for sale.

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