Rising Tide Supports RTA's TIGER III Grant Application

Sent today to Veolia.

Dear Madams and Sirs:

Rising Tide, Inc. is a Louisiana non-profit group of community members who strive to be a mechanism through which citizens concerned about their community inform themselves and each other about issues that affect their lives. As such, our membership and board are made up of individuals who remain informed of infrastructure developments in New Orleans. Because of this, we strongly support the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (“RTA”) TIGER 3 application for the expansion of the streetcar service in New Orleans along the St. Claude Avenue corridor from Elysian Fields Ave to Poland Ave.

The TIGER 1 investment in New Orleans made by the Loyola Streetcar line has resulted economic development in our downtown business and entertainment district. The RTA has committed $75 million in its own bond funds to an extension of this line along the historic French Quarter. The St. Claude Streetcar line proposed in this application for TIGER 3 funds will extend that prosperous streetcar line further into the growing neighborhoods on both sides of St. Claude Avenue downriver. As engaged citizens, we believe the extension of the streetcar will benefit New Orleanians of all economic backgrounds in many of the diverse communities the proposed St. Claude line will serve.

We thank you for listening to the priorities of businesses, residents, and public agencies and supporting this streetcar's development.


Rising Tide, Inc.