Mac McClelland: Links, Links, Links ...

Below is a large collection of links to RT5 keynote speaker Mac McClelland's many blog posts and articles about South Louisiana at Mother Jones. Hold down the control key, open up some tabs and devote some time to her peerless reporting of the BP oil disaster...

Also see her Burma reporting: Complete archive of Mac McClelland articles.


University of New Orleans: Broke but Unbroken

Heart Like Water: Surviving Katrina and Life in Its Disaster Zone

'It’s BP’s Oil'

Blog posts:

"All I Wanted Was to See Happy Faces"

Mainstream Media Helps BP Pretend There's No Oil

BP Cleanup Workers Gone Wild

Robbing New Orleans to Pay for BP's Spill

How Many Oil-Spill Victims Is BP Cutting Compensation To?

Did You Know Tar Balls Glow Orange Under UV Light?

Uniformed Cops on BP Payroll? Enter the ACLU

Depression, Abuse, Suicide: Fishermen's Wives Face Post-Spill Trauma

La. Police Doing BP's Dirty Work [Video]

Louisiana Tea Partiers Rally for More Drilling

More Dirty Details From My BP Mole

Inside Oil-Spill Pelican Rehab [Photos]

"We Don't Need This on Camera": BP's Crappy Cleanup Job

Official Government Stats = BP Spin

ICE Running Immigration Raids on Oil-Spill Workers

MoJo on PBS's Need to Know

My BP Mole Spills the Secrets of BP's Cleanup Ops

"Ignore Her": The BP Press Lockdown Continues

New Orleans Notebook: Disaster Tourism

New Orleans Notebook: Bug Blight

What Will Happen to Louisiana's Wetlands?

A Strike Against Oil Spill Lawsuits

New Orleans Notebook: Freezing Budgets, Overheating Pants

Can You Eat Oil-Slick Oysters?

Who's Trying to Kill New Orleans?

Take Me Back to New Orleans

Happy Anniversary, Katrina Victims! You Could Celebrate With Cash if You Weren't So Unscrupulous

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    I am a web writer and the new Web Intern at GritTV with Laura Flanders. You guys might be interested in this piece that we made on Mos Def and his reworking of "It Ain't My Fault" from Gulf Aid. http://grittv.blip.tv/file/3989979/ Also, we have another piece which is an interview with A.C. Thompson and Jaques Morial on Police Violence in New Orleans: http://blip.tv/dashboard/episode/4005073 If you want to post them that would be great.


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