Meet Kelly Leahy

Kelly Leahy has been oversharing on the internet since 2000, when she registered her first domain. Though originally from Vermont, she moved to New Orleans eleven years ago and in that time bought a house, got married, and gave birth to two towheaded girls. Her compulsive need to put everything in writing led her to paid positions with Weblogs Inc., Blogging New Orleans and other online blogging companies. Her writing can currently be seen in print in NOLA Baby & Family Magazine as well as on her current blog, Good Children. When not shouting commands at her daughters and navigating the ways of the New Orleans public school system, Kelly enjoys her work with a New Orleans clinical child psychologist and volunteering for the NOPD Crisis Unit. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Social Work at Tulane University.

This is Kelly's first year on the planning committee for Rising Tide though she has been a long time admirer and attendee. She is working on vendors and sponsorship for the conference.

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